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Hi, I’m Jodie.
Welcome to Jodie Carter Design.

This is my passion; serving clients by designing their dream home and guiding them through complex renovations to achieve amazing results.

My mission is always to delight and make coming home the best part of your day.

Clients come to me when family needs change and their home doesn’t work in its current configuration. Décor is dated and maintenance is a problem. 

Perhaps your plans are approved but you don’t know where to start. Or you didn’t use a designer in a prior renovation and experienced the stress of decision making, mistakes and unreliable trades. All whilst blowing budgets and timelines, vowing ‘never again’.

If you’re busy with work, staff, family and juggling a multitude of other responsibilities and want the job done right, then I’m your designer.

I partner exclusively with a talented team of trades and suppliers. They are incredibly important to the success of your project. Their passion, professionalism and dedication guarantees we can design and implement your picture perfect home with every detail covered, decision made and accurately costed.

Why I do
what I do

I have always loved design, early memories of visiting art galleries and historic homes with my Gran as a child are still vivid. I will never forget the first truly amazing country home I visited with her.

The massive front door was opened revealing a grand entry with black and white marble floors and a huge timber staircase with carpet runner.

I knew I was somewhere special. There were deer heads on the wall, coat racks and gumboots, high ceilings and timber panelling. It was a little scary, but so grand and I loved it.

I began to think more about homes, the feelings they evoke, what they say about the people who live there. Being surrounded by history, stories and memories. I bought my first home in New Zealand at 17 and began the lifelong love affair.

I do what I do because I cannot imagine ever doing anything else. I’m about to start my 6th renovation project myself, the largest to date and it’s got timber panelling, a grand entry and arches! I can’t wait.

JCD art design photo
JCD jodie carter planning photo

How do my clients feel after a project?

The positive feedback I receive from clients expresses a common theme.

They feel at home and at peace. They are proud to entertain and show off their home. They love hosting social events, parties and Christmas lunch.

It’s beautiful, things just work, the clutter is gone, the kitchen is perfect, family movie night is better than ever, they even sleep better. We thought of everything and we implemented everything.

Many of my projects result in ongoing relationships and repeat business from happy clients. This is the best feedback I can hope for!

Are you ready to start your project?

What Our Clients Say

My Team

Intermediate Interior Designer

Peita Kallinikos

JCD Peita Kallinikos

Peita Kallinikos studied at Billy Blue College of Design to receive her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. She joined the JCD team in June 2020 as our Intermediate Interior Designer.

Peita is always busy developing our project’s drawing sets and designing everlasting, functional and beautiful homes for our clients.

Project Manager

Johanna Martinez​

Johanna Martinez

Johanna Martinez is our Project Manager for JCD. Her extensive experience as an Interior Design Assistant over the last 10 years means there is not much she hasn’t come across.

Her understanding of the design processes we follow and strong organisational skills are imperative, as we all rely on her expertise to keep the projects running and follow up all the loose ends.

Client Service Manager

Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson
Client Service Manager

Porsche Williams

Porsche Williams

At Jodie Carter Design your experience is just as important as your design result! Porsche and Amy are our Client Service Managers and the first point of contact for our prospective clients. They help to determine if our firm is right for your project and are here to answer any questions you have along the way. If a great match is made, they will schedule a design consultation with our Principal Designer, Jodie Carter.

Amy and Porsche

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