Design Process & Cost


Welcome to the only Interior Design firm in Sydney that is committed to giving you an exceptional experience and outstanding results guaranteed to save you time, money and headaches. How do we do that?

By following our proven design framework of 15 steps taking us from the initial consultation to the finish line. Right from the very beginning we plan each project for a successful outcome. Our proven results are seen in our portfolio and reviews. 

My passion for design and helping each client achieve their unique vision for their ideal home and lifestyle, drives me to collaborate with the highest level of trade professionals and design resources. Our experience, expertise, and professionalism allow us to consistently complete projects with the Wow factor.

​​How much will all of this cost? like most services, the cost is dependent on the size of the project, and what you want to achieve. We work on an hourly rate which is currently $220.00 incl GST. Detailed records are kept of all time spent working on your project and invoices presented to you regularly for payment. There will be an initial retainer fee to commence the project ranging from $10k to $50k. This is returned at the end of the project or used towards some of the final invoices when we are near completion.

As we share any design discounts, we find in many cases the savings on discounts amount to approximately 60-75% of total design fees. 

Entrust your project to me and I promise I will save you time, money and heartbreak and present you with a home that is more than you ever could have imagined.

Read on for more information of what’s involved in the design process and how we get to that fabulous end result. 

Step 1 - Consultation

This will be our first meeting where we discuss your requirements, wants, needs and wish list for the project. I will provide you advice on the scope of works, the potential for your property and guidelines on renovation/furniture costs and timelines. This meeting is two hours and billed a flat rate of $500.00.

Credit Card and Direct Deposits are accepted for payment of your consultation - please contact us for details.

Step 2 - Interior Design Contract, Retainer and Project Commencement

At the initial consultation I will take all details that will be used as your scope of works. I will present my process explanation, retainer fee, and hourly rate details for the project and a contract detailing the responsibilities and rights of the Designer and Client. The retainer payment may range from $10k to $50k to commence dependent on the size of the project. You will be billed fortnightly invoices for design time while we are working on your project

The contract I use was written specifically for me and my firm and our business, with care to protect our interests and the interests of our clients and trades. Our policies reflect the high standards and values we provide to our discerning clientele. We’d love to work with you and we know from experience this contract will help your project run efficiently and smoothly from beginning to completion

Step 3 - Site Measure and Trade Day

A second visit to take all measurements for our drawings and fine tune your requirements for the project. I will invite the various trades along to meet at your home and view the space so they are able to quote on the work required once I have provided them plans and details during the design phase. If not already done so previously, this is also the time to go over any images or ideas that you have saved for the style/look you want to achieve. We will be photographing your home on the day so we have accurate records of everything required for the project along with our measurements and professional advice from trades.

Step 4 – Preparing for the Presentation (Concept development, sourcing, researching, drawings, specifying and quotes) 

This is the creative part of the process. The initial concepts I discussed with you at the consultation are starting to take shape and develop into a full design plan. This is where we draw on our vast skills and resources that will answer your needs and solve the challenges and limitations of the space. 

We will develop these concepts through a thorough plan review, creating a cohesive design and colour palette to suit. Your home is drawn up as it is currently and we apply amendments to floor plans and layouts where required. All custom joinery is designed with working drawings for our trades and 3D's for your visualisation of the end result - ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, TV units, storage, libraries, robes etc.

At this point we will also source all materials, fixtures and furnishings for each area and apply those details to the drawings and specification documents.

We will be working with trades people to gather quotes and estimates which we can include in the budget, which is also developed during this step

Step 5 - Presentation, Budget Revision and Action Plan

How exciting! the day is here where we will meet to go over the details of your custom design plan. This includes all drawings/floorplans/elevations/3D's, colour scheme, digital presentation boards, fabric samples, furniture selections and budget breakdown. 

At this meeting we will be looking to formalise decisions for the renovation work, custom cabinetry and furniture selections. The Presentation includes drawings that are ready to provide to the trades we hire to carry out the work, colour schemes, all furnishings and finish detail samples and the budget breakdown - item by item. It will all be laid out for you so that you will be able to visualize what the finished space will look like. 

Once the design is formally approved we move onto the next phase of executing the project and payments are required to get this underway.

Step 6 - Contract Management – placing orders and assessing delivery times

Your time is valuable and knowing that I am handling all of the details of administering my design plan will give you peace of mind.

I'm on site as needed to oversee the design coming together and working closely with the trades to make sure they have all the information they need to do their job. 

I will also manage the purchasing of all the furnishings and decor products, track and manage all orders, assess lead times, note any back-orders or discontinued items that may delay the project. During this time, we make sure that our projected timeline is adhered to as best as we can before delivering you a completed project.

Step 7 – Review Budget 

As work is about to commence on site and we move right into the project, some areas may come to light that were not originally apparent or you may make changes. We will take the time to review this honestly and ensure we are on track.

Step 8 – Initiation of Construction and Renovation

Work is now underway on site and we will be overseeing the project and visiting site on a regular basis to ensure the design work we have presented to you is carried out as per our vision. This is also an opportunity for weekly meetings with clients on site that are constructive and concise. 

Step 9 – Installation Period and Orders are Received

While you are going about your daily life, I am busy in the background bringing all the pieces together on your behalf. This is by far a major part of the value that I bring to your project. I handle all the fabrication and production of your custom items, all the installations of window furnishings as well as receiving furniture deliveries and quality checks. 

All furnishings that we ordered are received at my supplier partners warehouses are inspected for damages, tagged and stored for the big installation day. Claims and reorders are made for any items that arrive damaged. We prefer to install on one or two days instead of several different deliveries arriving at your home over many weeks. However, in some cases this may be unavoidable – but we will plan for these events and manage them accordingly.

Step 10 - Furniture Installation & Styling

The big day! This is when items are installed, the furniture is unpacked, the artworks hung, the beds made and everything is styled for a beautiful and inspiring finish. Installation is typically done in one day or two days.

Step 11 – Client Reveal and Walk Through

The exciting moment when we walk through the finished space together and inspect all the items.

Step 12 Identify Deficiencies

Another benefit and peace of mind for working with me. Inevitably there are issues along the way and sometimes things are damaged or the wrong colour/style. If that does happen we will coordinate with the suppliers involved to solve any issues for you.

Step 13 Resolve Deficiencies

I would not leave you with a semi finished project, an item that doesn't work or an item you don't love. I want you to love and connect with your home as much as I love it. Each design is also personal to me. As a team we really invest in your project and they become our babies. So handing over a beautiful baby is the greatest of pleasures for us too.

Step 14 Project Closure Meeting & Final Payments

By now, you are enjoying your new space! Relaxing, entertaining, family movie nights, cooking in your new kitchen and pampering in your gorgeous bathroom. In general your should be enjoying the feeling of peace, wellness and contentment that you want from your home.

Step 15 Project Completion and Thank you

I want to ensure that you are fully satisfied. The project closure meeting is a great opportunity for me to get your feedback on your beautiful new space as well as how the design process was for you. We are always striving to improve, and your feedback means the world to us. 

There is nothing better than repeat business and referrals and reviews, so I will be asking for a review at the end of the process. We would also love to photograph your project for our portfolio and I hope you will be proud to share your beautiful spaces on my website.

I understand there is a lot to take in and you may be feeling overwhelmed by the process. But trust me, I have been doing this for so long now and have such a great team of trades and suppliers who are also experts at this. Together we will execute the perfect project for you and help ensure the process is enjoyable and informative rather than stressful, blood, sweat and tears and worst of all mistakes and costly ones at that. Please give me a call when your ready to chat on 0412-566-905 or email me from the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes