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Tips on decluttering in the Spring

Create space for what matters.

Spring has sprung and spirits are high. If you’re ready to breathe new life into your home this season, you likely have “decluttering” at the top of your to-do list and you might be feeling a little intimidated.

Today I am sharing my top three tips for upgrading your organisational skills without making it your next full time job.

Breathe easy – this will make your brain feel free!

1. Floor space is head space

The more you have on your floor (furniture, shoes, clothes, rugs), the less floor you have and the more your space will feel crowded.

I know its hard to do sometimes when you have a small home and there just isn’t a lot of room for everything. This is when you want to make the most of your wall space. You can install shelving to help clear away the clutter. Baskets look great and serve a purpose. Throw in the shoes, hats, scarves and magazines. 

image via Pinterest – planete-deco.fr

2. Keep a clean purpose

Trays are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help you contain smaller items that you use every day. They are perfect on a kitchen bench for your oil, herbs, salt etc. 

We use them in bathrooms for soaps, perfumes and make up.  They are great in a laundry for your powder, hand soap, and a scrubbing brush. There is a tray for every purpose and just by grouping those few items together, it will help your benches feel tidier and keep the items you use most in easy reach.

3. Overflow is a NO NO

Pantries, walk-in robes, and hall linen cupboards are wonderful inventions, but they also leave the impression that empty spaces must be filled. We disagree, in the name of mental health.

Leaving room for white space (nb: it doesn’t necessarily have to be white – its more about leaving space, breathing room between items) will not only make you feel less overwhelmed when using that space, but it will also help you stay on top of what you have and where it is. Additionally, sorting your items by colour, shape, or style will also help decrease the visual disparity from object to object, creating a smooth transition that is pleasing to the eye.

image via Pinterest jane-athome.com
JCD Paper work or craft storage


Paper work or craft storage

Simple white boxes labelled with the contents are one of the easiest ways to organise your study or craft room. The boxes are cheap and readily available from stationery suppliers. Not only do they look great, they just make you feel better when you see a neat pile of labelled boxes vs overflowing shelves of messy paperwork.


Tricks for open shelves

Choose a purpose for your open shelves. Are they for décor or for utility? Don’t mix décor with function, as the end result will look unorganised and cluttered. If you need your shelves to be dual purpose, save the highest shelf for more decorative items and the remaining shelves for functional purposes.

JCD Tricks for open shelves
JCD Jodie Carter

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